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If you are an Office Technology Dealer who wants to grow your business you have come to the right place!

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Sales Coaching & Mentoring

I will coach your sales reps to achieve their full potential by applying the same tried and proven selling strategies and techniques that I used to become an Elite Sales Professional in the Office Technology Industry.

Silver and Gold Members will be held accountable to complete online sales training sessions each week. Regular Check Your Understanding Assessments will ensure their comprehension of the training content. The Live Interactive Mastermind Sessions will provide further Expert Advice on How to Sell Office Technology!

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  • Salesfish is now part of what we do. I’m very happy
    with it!

    John Montagner, Managing Director
    Solar City Office Equipment

    John Montagner

About Jason

“Starting as a sales trainee in the office technology industry at the age of 17 wasn’t easy. Having just left school I took some time to get established…

Fortunately a new Sales Manager taught me the basics of selling which improved the consistency of my sales results. I went on to work with some of the best sales reps, sales managers and sales trainers…

The experience I gained allowed me to become an Elite Sales Professional within the Office Technology industry. Competing against 150 sales reps around Australia, my last 5 years with Konica Minolta saw me finish 1st, 2nd, 1st, 1st, 1st.”